About Us...

    We are a systematics and ecology lab focused on biodiversity, biogeography and the interactions of the often overlooked world of micro-arthropods, with a special emphasis on Acari (mites). We are based in the Department of Entomology at the University of Arkansas, situated in the heart of the Interior Highlands.

    This region of the US has been particularly understudied, but yet may be one of the most diverse regions within the country. In other words, there is an amazingly high level of microarthropod diversity right in our backyard that has rarely or never been studied. Research in the lab covers both terrestrial and aquatic habitats ranging from undisturbed areas to agricultural landscapes. Projects range from population level analyses examining phylogeographic patterns and discovery of cryptic species up to large scale phylogenetic tests of the evolutionary relationships across orders, or even all of Acari.

    There really is no organism too small or project too bizarre for study in the Dowling Lab. If you have a strong desire to explore the unknown and the creativity to troubleshoot along the way, this lab may be the perfect place for you. Please explore the website and feel free to contact us at any time.